Congratulations to Our Newest km-X™ Black Belts!

On Sunday, February 21st, five incredibly talented and dedicated students tested for and received their km-X black belts. The test lasted for a grueling three and a half hours. During that time the kids only had four two minute rest periods and had to perform nearly every technique they have ever learned under intense stress and fatigue.

The new black belts had to endure quite a bit to even become eligible for this test. In addition to training 3+ times per week for nearly four years, all of the kids had to complete a rigorous black belt preparation course that consumed many of their Sunday afternoons for the past five months.

Since we started the km-X youth self defense program in 2005, we have had the privilege of teaching self defense to nearly 1000 kids; however, we have only awarded the km-X black belt a total of 12 times. To say the least, this is a very special honor that is not easily obtained. All of us at KMW would like to congratulate these amazing kids on their incredible efforts and achievements.

KMW Training Centers™ • West LA Has Moved!

Krav Maga Worldwide Training Center: West LA

11400 Olympic Blvd, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90064
(310) 966-1300

Come see our new 10,000 sf training facility located at 11400 West Olympic Blvd., just ONE BLOCK east of our previous location. Enjoy 4 spacious training rooms, new amenities, new equipment, over 25 additional classes,  2hrs FREE parking,  bigger locker rooms with more showers and much, much more – All for the same monthly rate!

The Krav Maga Worldwide Training Center – West LA, CA is a full-service training ground, dedicated to providing the finest self defense, fitness, and fighting instruction. At the KMWTC-WLA, we pride ourselves on having reality-based training that simulates real life violent confrontations. We don’t incorporate any techniques or training methods unless they are effective and practical for the street. We’ve spent years perfecting exercises that help develop an aggressive fighting spirit without sacrificing student safety.

Our instructional staff is certified by the Israeli Ministry of Education and the Krav Maga Association Of America Inc. and includes many expert, internationally recognized law enforcement defensive tactics instructors.

Contact a Member Services Representative to join today! Call 310-966-1300 or email

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