KMW CrossFit WOD: Thursday 4/1/10

5 rounds for time of:
400m Run
15 OH Squat (95/65lbs)

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Krav Maga on The Simpsons


The latest episode of The Simpsons – “The Greatest Story Ever D’ohed” – features Krav Maga in two scenes. If you want to fast forward to the scenes, they start at 10:14 and 20:32. Here’s the episode description from


When Homer is playing noisily in the yard, it disrupts Flanders’ Bible study group. Coaxed by the Reverend, a frustrated Flanders takes it upon himself to redeem Homer by inviting the Simpson family on his church retreat to Jerusalem. Unappreciative of the history and culture, Homer would rather hang out at the hotel’s breakfast buffet rather than tour the city. But when an eccentric tour guide (guest voice Sasha Baron Cohen) takes the group to famous monuments, including the Dome of the Rock and the Wailing Wall, Homer finally proves he is not beyond salvation.

KMW Training Centers™ Member Takes Bronze at the FILA Pankration World Championships in Poland

Conan Mastrangelo at "Fight Night" Presented by Krav Maga Worldwide™

Congratulations to KMW Training Centers™ member Conan Mastrangelo, who took the Bronze at the FILA Pankration World Championships in Poland!

Conan has been working hard, preparing for the competition and training in most of our fight classes.  Conan was also a participant in the first ever “Fight Night”, presented by Krav Maga Worldwide™ last year.

Congratulations Conan! We’re looking forward to seeing your future development!

Krav Maga Techniques: To Test or Not to Test?

Part 1 in a series.

So you’ve been training hard – you’re just a little bit addicted to Krav Maga and hitting those pads (just go ahead and admit it, it’s okay) and you’re on the mat every chance you get.  You’ve been putting in your time and keeping your eye on the prize – your next Krav Maga Belt!  Only one thing stands in your way: the workshop and test you have to pass to get there.  Actually, there’s a second thing: Your instructor who has to sign you off so you can test.  But we’ll deal with that in the next entry.

Krav Maga Worldwide Black Belts

Congratulations to Our Newest Krav Maga Worldwide™ Black Belts

This week’s post is here to get you over the first of those hurdles and ready for your big day!

Every Krav Maga level has a curriculum which contains a list of techniques.  You should have a copy of this list from when you first signed up; if you don’t, ask at the front desk (Thomas can get you a copy).  You’re responsible for all of this material on your test, although you probably won’t be tested on 100% of it.  You are also tested on commitment and fighting spirit; it’s not only a test of technical proficiency, but a test of heart.  Finally, you must fulfill an overall component.

As Krav Maga Worldwide™ Official Testing Instructors, we look at the bigger picture as well – if you’re testing for yellow belt to move up to Level 2, do you “look like” at least a yellow belt?  How is your overall movement and sharpness?  As you might expect, at each level we demand a higher level of overall performance.

At higher levels (starting at Green Belt), you’re also responsible for all of the previous levels’ material as review — but at a higher level.  It factors into your “Overall” grade.  For those of you gearing up for this, take it to heart.  It’s important.

Here is your tip of the week around testing and advancing in the system:

The test is always there for you.  Fools rush in.

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