Krav Maga Curriculum: Thursday 12/01/11


  • Straight Punches (High, Low)
  • Compound Movement
  • Combinations: Punches & Kicks
  • Ground: Position & Movement


  • Inside Defenses, with Counterattacks
    • vs. Left
    • Left vs. Left
    • vs. Right
  • Slow & Fast Counterattacking Drills


  • High Fall Break (Back)
  • Hairgrab, Behind or Opposite Side
  • Bearhug, Behind (lifting)

Please be sure to arrive on time and remember: Krav Maga top & bottom is required in every class!

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to
make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”
- Emerson 

1-10, 2-01, 3-46

KMW CrossFit WOD: Thrusday 12/1/11

Tina Angelotti-CrossFit SoCal Regionals 2011

2011 SoCal Regionals-Competition Season Is Coming! Are you ready?

2 Rounds For Time:
800 Meter Run
100 Double Unders
1000 Meter Row

Class Limit=18 Athletes
WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15, 5pm

6pm KMW CrossFit Team In Training (Advanced CrossFit)
Complete 9 rounds of the following Complex:
Power Snatch, Hang Squat Snatch, Squat Snatch (115/75)
Thrusters (135/95)
Pull Ups (45/25)
If you have a vest, bring it!

Krav Maga Curriculum: Wednesday 11/30/11

Look! Hammerfist!

  • Hammerfists (Side, Behind)
  • Elbows
  • Choke from Front, with Push
  • Choke from Behind, with Push


  • Mount, Top Position (position, striking, getting up)
  • Mounted, Defense vs. Punches
  • Mounted, Trap & Roll
  • Elbow Escape


  • Thai Pad Combinations
  • Full Mount, Side Mount Position & Escapes
  • Recognition & Ground Drills

Please be sure to arrive on time and remember: Krav Maga top & bottom is required in every class!

“Nurture your mind with great thoughts.  For you will never go any higher than you think.”
- Benjamin Disraeli 

1-26, 2-26, 3-26

KMW CrossFit WOD: Wednesday 11/30/11

Lots of love!

Repeat part 1 and 2 for a total of 2-3 cycles
Part 1.) AMRepsAP for 3 mins
3 Deadlifts (205/155)
6 Snatch (75/55)
9 Sit-Ups
Rest 3 mins
Part 2.) Row 3 mins for max distance in meters
Rest 3 mins
Record score for part 1 and 2 for each round.
(ex. 62-750/59-725/52-730)

Class Limit=18 Athletes
WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15pm, 5pm, 8pm

6:30pm KMW CrossFit Endurance at SMC Track
Team 10K Time Trial
Working on pacing, breathing and hydration
Bring your sports bottled filled to the brim!