About CrossFit


CrossFit is the principal strength and conditioning program for many police academies and tactical operations teams, military special operations units, champion martial artists, and hundreds of other elite and professional athletes worldwide.  - Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

• Mental strength
• Physical power
• Athletic performance
• Universally scalable for anyone!

CrossFit is a highly effective physical and mental conditioning program that incorporates dynamic functional movements done at high intensities for a score or time.  This score allows one to repeat and measure results as you progress your training regime.  The CrossFit program is something that people of all fitness levels can participate in.

What to expect in a CrossFit class:

When you walk into the training room a WOD (workout of the Day) is posted on the wall.  Your instructor will explain the exercises that will be performed that day, including showing you how to modify or progress exercises appropriately.  You will then warm up together, practice some sort of athletic skill, then perform the WOD for a score or time.  Your scores will be recorded in a log book for future reference.

Types of CrossFit Classes:

CrossFit All Levels
Open to all students. Complete the WOD in a supportive and dynamic group setting. CrossFit is a constantly varied workout and environment. That means this session requires a great deal of attention from each athlete. Please show up on time, with a
positive attitude, and prepared to not only train but to also learn.

CrossFit Level 2
This is an advanced CrossFit class. You must be approved to attend level 2. This class places a great deal of focus on advanced CrossFit skills. A large emphasis is placed on proper technique as well heavy weight lifting.

CrossFit Elements
Recommended for all CrossFit athletes! This is an 8 week rotating curriculum that may be attended any time. This is a workshop style class that places in depth look at modalities used in CrossFit training.  Each week we focus on a particular skill or movement and work on refining it’s technical points. Class finishes with a WOD so be prepared to work!