New Krav Maga and Fitness Classes for 2014!

NEW Krav Maga and Fitness classes for 2014!!! KMW 2nd Degree Black Belt, Wayne Miller, talks briefly about 2 of our new Krav Maga classes that are coming up in the video above.


- NEW KRAV MAGA and FITNESS classes for 2014!! -

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Look Out Future Bullies, I Know Krav Maga • At What Age Can Your Kids Start Krav Maga Training?

Xavier-edit-w-logo-bulliesquoteWhen Krav Maga Worldwide Lead Instructor A.J. Draven showed students and staff this photo of his infant son, Xavier, we all had the same reaction: “Wow, it looks like he’s in a fighting stance!”

AJ’s photo got me thinking about the amazing families that we have training with us at KMW. The more I look around the centers, the more I notice the dozens of families that train together. Brothers, sisters, moms, and dads are all sharing a similar experience that strengthens them individually and collectively. By working hard and encouraging one another they are making themselves -and each other-safer and stronger.

While AJ has assured us at KMW that he hasn’t put the gloves on this young man quite yet, I look forward to five years from now when Xavier jumps into his first km-X class and AJ has the opportunity to share a similar experience with his son.

- Matt Romond

km-X Director/Lead Instructor
Krav Maga Worldwide™



KMW National Training Centers™ at Drew’s Voice Anti-Bullying Event

Join us, along with Lead Instructor and km-X™ Youth Program Director, Matt Romond, and the LAPD, on October 27 at 11 am, for a fun filled event in support of Drew’s Voice.



KMW Training Centers™ • West LA New Year Schedule

What's your New Year's Resolution?


We will be CLOSED Sunday, January 1.

We will have a regular adult schedule on Saturday, December 31.

km-X Classes will be modified as follows:

•  9:30am – km-Xplorers All Levels

•  12:30pm – km-X All Levels