West LA CrossFit WOD: Friday 8/29/14

Pistol Practice:
Complete 50 Pistols (25 per leg broken any way you’d like)
Beginners-scale as needed
Advanced-try weighted sets of 5 reps (building)
21-15-9 reps for time:
Pull Ups
Ring Dips

WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15pm, 5pm, 6pm


West LA CrossFit WOD: Thursday 8/28/14

3 sets per leg x 10-Back Rack Bulgarian Split Squat (building)
Record Load
500 Meter Row for time
KB Complex (24/16kilo)
5 Cycles of 3 KB Snatches + 1 Turkish Get-Down, swing to the other arm
4 Cycles
3 Cycles
2 Cycles
1 Cycle per arm.
See if you can make it through the entire complex without putting the bell down.
Record how many times you put the bell down if any.

WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15pm, 5pm, 6pm ADV, 8pm

6pm Advanced
EMOTM for 14 mins of:
Odd: Power Clean + Hang Clean + Clean
Even: 6 Toes to Bar

West LA CrossFit WOD: Wednesday 8/27/14

Complete the following for time:
3 Rounds of:
6 Push Jerks (135/95lbs)
200 Meter Run
12 Toes to Bar (unbroken for advanced)
3 Rounds of:
6 HSPUs (strict for advanced)
12 Deadlift (135/95lbs)
30 Double Unders (unbroken for advanced)

WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15pm, 5pm, 7pm, 8pm

West LA CrossFit WOD: Tuesday 8/26/14

Current NPGL Standings after Race 1

Current NPGL Standings after Match 1-GO RHINOS!

“Taser Taster”
With a continuous 12 min clock complete:
1 min of Hang Power Snatch (105/65)
1 min of Sit-Ups (feet anchored)
2 mins of Hang Clean (135/95)
2 mins of Sit-Ups (feet anchored)
3 mins of KBS (24/16 kilo)
3 mins of Double Unders

WOD Times-6am, 7am, 12:15pm, 5pm, 6pm ADV, 7pm Elements, 8pm

6pm Advanced
EMOM for 14 mins:
Odd: Power Snatch + Hang Squat Snatch + Squat Snatch
Even: 6 Pull-Ups
Accessory work:
Weighted Hollows
Hanging Hip Touches

Handstand Forward Press